One Eyed Wonders #Diary

Re-brand alert! What was once the 'The Sight Diaries' has now morphed into the title of this post - namely One Eyed Wonders πŸ˜…. Why the re-brand? I just think this has a better ring to it. Anyway, a diary update is long overdue, so... For my first 'Wonder' I have news! I completed my … Continue reading One Eyed Wonders #Diary

#Flash Fiction – The One That Got Away

Written for Horror house Flash Fiction competition featured on inspiration for this story was taken from the above prompt image of boats on a shore. Hope you enjoy!Β  🀞 ************************* The harbour-master had predicted thunderstorms but Jack cast out anyway, ignoring his pleas. "You'll die out there! It's not what you think! That place … Continue reading #Flash Fiction – The One That Got Away